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Munster only maybe. Mainly when I’m speaking to a non-Irish person and I forget that the words I’m using actually are slang. is just the Irish version of "How can I help you?". It was bang on – only cost a tenner’. ‘Yer wan’ or ‘Your one’ is used to refer to someone who’s name you do not know or a person that you do not like. Great, great job! I, unfortunately, have never been there, but would love to some day. Legend says that if you find one each leaf has a meaning. For example, ‘Mrs. Good on ya, Keith. Appreciate your reading,votes and sharing! It doesn’t matter in English, but it matters hugely in Irish. November 9, 2020 Thanksgiving Brainteaser Quiz Answers. In Irish, if you’re speaking directly to someone (or want it to sound as if you are), you use a special construction called “the vocative case.” For the purposes of this article, however, we’re going to assume the vocative case is what’s wanted. Love. So, I thought ‘giving out’ was something used globally… genuinely. Pronounced ‘Flue-tered’, this one describes a person that’s on the wrong side of 9 pints. lol Glad you enjoyed! While it might seem slightly odd to use a term meaning “able to cause death” in a positive way, “deadly” is one of the most popular common Irish slang words. For example, ‘He’s a gowl and a half that boy’. Dialects in Ireland vary by region, but many Irish people do say "mate" as a slang term for friend. Mufti — A military term that has seeped its way into British slang to mean casual or civilian clothes. shirley ? bae). Sure you can find that vacation time, your hubs may suffer though!! Actually, it’s used to describe anything. Thanks so much for input! Had fun reading all the slang words, some familiar, some not so. I enjoyed reading them. Despite the stress of finding the best nickname for your boyfriend, it is one of the fun things about having a boyfriend. For example, ‘Sure, yer one was caught shifting yer man last week!’. However, you’ll also hear people describing someone as ‘Sound’ when they’re giving that person their approval, for example, ‘That chap from around the corner fixed the engine. Hi ya oh he from the Samui isle!! She’s flutered’. Can anyone tell me what the phrase ‘wet the tick’ please. Example: “My boyfriend is a culchie originally.” 17. It’s used to describe a bad case of something, for example, ‘I’ve been lashing in the tablets all week. ‘Savage, man, I thought they were sold out’. Thanks for sharing and passing this on. Someone that’s a nuisance. Maybe they’re talking about getting the ride in?? Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on June 28, 2012: @ Susie Q . I’m giving the word craic its own section, as there are heaps of different ways that it can be used. There are no strangers here, only friends that we have not yet met. For example, ‘She’s up there giving out to Tony about something’. Gas! Here's a list of translations. For example, ‘That new car Jerry picked up is cracking. I had a wonderful laugh to begin my day with...thank you! You forgot the section for Items… Runners = trainers/sneakers, press=cupboard, the tall boy =drawers in bedroom, jumper = sweater the guards = police also some say Moth= girlfriend which actually come the Irish word Maith meaning good. We’ve an almost endless number of ways to describe a person that we don’t like in Ireland. 100%! Oh, and "it's bucketing down" comes up semi-regularly in winter (you know, when it actually rains). Seanleannán (pronounced ‘shan-lan-awn’): Literally means ‘old love’, or ‘old flame’ A Pheata (pronounced ‘fat-a’): Means ‘a mother’s darling’, for a mother to express endearment for her children Weather type: Rainey. For example, ‘Ah, nice one!’ said Karen, as she took the bag of chips from Kate. Pronounced ‘Ban-jacks-d’, this is another one for a person that’s heavily overindulged. An Lár - (Irish - 'On Larr') - City Centre (An Lar is written on the front of Dublin buses to confuse tourists!) This is also a good hub if you want to go to Ireland. For example, ‘Her new fella was here last night. Not sure what the antra martins thing is. In Ireland, for some bizarre reason, we describe ‘the shopping’ or ‘the groceries’ as ‘the messages’. For the first day or so, I thought I might be coming down with something. In many countries, the word ‘Unreal’ means imaginary or illusory, but not in Ireland. For example, ‘Did you hear Martin and Bernie’s youngfella was caught cheating in the Garda exam. 1. Rich from Kentucky on September 14, 2012: And I thought the Irish spoke English! For example, ‘D’ye see yer wan over there with the red hat? I can safely say I never thought I’d be writing a guide that included the word ‘testicles’…. ‘Ah, QUALITY. To describe a man, you may also hear the term male floozie as well. ‘Jammy’ basically means lucky. The typically UK slang is gobsmacked (shocked or dumbfounded), from the 1960s era military slang, itself from the Irish word "gob" for mouth. Must be interesting teaching our slang abroad! As in someone proposing an action, and you agreeing in a way that says you want to get started immediately? lemonkerdz from LIMA, PERU on November 06, 2012: man i loved this article, my family came from Swords in ireland, although i have never been, but it was amazing to read a lot of expressions that me and my brothers use are in your irish slang words..and the others....well we learned them from watching "Father Ted" bless him, he opened up ireland to the world. Welcome to the Slangpedia entry on friends! For example, ‘WHY did I have the second bottle of wine. If you’re chatting to someone and they reply with ‘Sure look’ it tends to mean ‘it is what it is’. Sentence: run down has the bant and gets it off him. Example: It was a fierce performance. The following are five tips for picking the perfect nickname for your boyfriend. Many are used without us even realizing we must sound odd to foreign visitors! It was a fun hub to write, us Irish are good at making fun (polite term!!) To ‘Lob the gob’ means to kiss someone. We Irish do have some odd words we use everyday! Appreciate your interest and comments Elle Bee! Over the course of my time there, I received my fair share of strange looks when I said certain things. A first for me!! It is amazing how us Irish pop up everywhere, happy to hear a community are thriving in Massachusetts!!! buachaill. Update: we’ve had around 50 emails since this guide was published asking about the term the luck of the Irish. Great hub and I enjoyed reading it. Irish words for sex include gnéas, inscne, gnéasaithin, cineál, collaíocht and caidreamh collaí. Mack. - common prostitute, Means sorry and also excuse me, pardon me, Now you're talking, now you're doing well. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on October 02, 2012: Like your use of a bit of slang, your are coming on grand and soon you will be suckin diesel me ol' flower! Here's hoping you will get to use here soon!! Let’s get out for a dander and get some fresh air’. Translation: Someone that’s lazy. Appreciate your voting :-). Look at him pulling a beamer’. ‘In bits’ is used when you’re describing something or someone that’s in a bad way. You can use ‘give it a lash’ in a heap of different ways. Translation: A member of the police. From a Corkonian ‘exiled’ in landan – No ‘langer’ (male member/term of abuse), ‘Oul’ Doll’ (Girlfriend), ‘wazzies’ (wasps), bazzer (haircut) or Rubber Dollies (trainers/sneakers) ! However, in Irish slang, it is used to talk about a person, usually a woman, who dresses provocatively, or more commonly, sleeps around a lot. I was chatting to a friend from London recently over pints about the Irish phrases and slang words that he couldn’t get his head around when he first moved to Ireland. Have fun: you will be talking like a seasoned pro in no time! Now, if you’re not familiar with the word ‘Bollox’ or ‘Bollocks’, it’s slang that refers to a man’s testicles. Áras an Uachtaráin - (Irish - 'Arr Iss On Ook Tar Awn') - Home of the President i.e. Someone that’s boring. In Ireland, ‘dope’ is another way of describing someone stupid. It was minus craic altogether’. See more ideas about irish slang, irish, irish quotes. A personal favourite. For example, ‘Story horse?! For example, ‘I’ll see you in 20. For example, ‘Do you remember the time Micky got caught moving the cow in the back of his Ford Focus?’ ‘Oh, I do. For example, ‘You’ll be getting off your hole and emptying the bins in 5 minutes’. Some Irish slang. Lol. Very interesting and useful as well. thanks for a great hub, voted up from me. Another word for eejit. ‘Bollocks’ as an Irish insult is usually used … Glad you enjoyed Gypsy Rose Lee! Here are some words I want to leave you that tell you how I describe this hub: AMAZING; THRILLING; PROFESSIONALLY-WRITTEN AND RESEARCHED; DELIGHTFUL; HYPNOTIC and FUN TO READ. For example, ‘G’way out of that with your umbrella. Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus). Good people. If you have an Irish expression that you need to be explained, pop it in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you. We do use many weird and wonderful words don't we!! You can leg it to the shops, or you can leg it around the corner to meet one of the lads. For example, ‘I got tickets to the Aslan gig’. Look forward to catching more of your insightful writing!:). I loved this. Suzanne is a qualified beautician with experience as a freelance makeup artist. This Irish expression gets more than it’s fair share of use and isn’t specific to any particular county. boy. Translation: Excited. For example, ‘I need a barrel of soudafed. The list goes on and on. Translation: I did not. Irish slang words. Now, you have sparked within me an interest and desire to go to Ireland! We use ‘Unreal’ to describe something that so good it’s actually hard to believe. And so is the jacks’. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on September 14, 2012: What quick work you are! You can also say ‘Give me a go’. Translation: A messer. You’ll often hear Irish people refer to a person or a situation as ‘Gas’. Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on August 23, 2012: What a gas :) Really enjoyed your hub. Zusammenfassung unserer favoritisierten Irish slang for friend. So many cultures adopt their own language as if in code it seems! nb: Use a verb to mean make fun of someone in a nice way or else it has the same meaning as elsewhere i.e. The craic was 90’. Located in the Phoenix Park in Dublin ? Mush — Slang for your mouth, i.e. The most comprehensive online dictionary of Irish Slang. Appreciate your votes! The answer key is below. I used to use, and here this one used, back during my days in school. Here are some of my favourites. Haven’t seen you in about ten years’. Not to be confused with the actual meaning for deadly, i.e. For example, ‘His sister told his Mam about what happened. I was locked and in bed by half ten.’. You can pick out something which is either a physical attribute or personality trait and do something with that. However, it can also be an indication that the person you’re speaking to is either 1, uninterested in what you’re saying, or 2, has no idea how to respond to what you’ve just said. Here’s a handful (I’ll update this again at a later date as more comments come in). With all the different slang and the different accents going on it makes for a very crazy world of language! The following are five tips for picking the perfect nickname for your boyfriend. Learn how your comment data is processed. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on August 24, 2012: Thanks Relationshipc, Appreciate your comments and visit! Glad you found hilarious! Particularly as in 'Me Fella' or 'My boyfriend / husband / partner' (Dublin slang) * Fierce - Very * … We have a million different ways of describing something as good or great in Ireland. Glad you have been getting some mileage out of the jacks at work!! I may have to pepper my States language with these soon, especially "not the full shilling"! For example, ‘He’s a cute hoor that fella, always manages to get a free ticket to the concerts in the Phoenix Park’. Jeff Berndt from Southeast Michigan on April 24, 2013: Great stuff! Naff — Something that is a bit uncool would be described as naff. To keep it straight (because I’ve actually needed to), I’ve compiled a list of Irish words and slang that I’ve come across during my time here. The vulgar use of this Irish saying is often heard when someone has an iffy tummy, for example, ‘I’ve had a bad dose of the shits all day’. For example, ‘She won money down the bingo again this week. Can you tell me what “skaggany” means? In an attempt to discover more Irish expressions, lingo, and slang that may be causing people trouble, I asked the 250,000+ Irish Road Trip community what their favourite bit of Irish slang was. I spent a lot of time nodding and smiling, and then admitting I had no idea what they were talking about. Weather type: Rainy. Much fun was had compiling our unusual language here!! It is often used to take the piss and when the end of the word is more exaggerated eg "boYO" it can show a sense of dominance from the person speaking the word. What’s the craic?’ or when enquiring about a situation, for example, ‘What’s the craic with that lad. I Voted UP and all the way on this hub. The American slang term is first recorded in 1914, the shortened form fag shortly after, in 1921. dangerous…. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on June 22, 2012: Cheers chef-de-jour! Roto = drunk (South Armagh, O’meath) Rank (not great) Cat- pronounced ‘cyat’ (not good) Hot press (airing cupboard) Glass of Guinness = half pint of (Not a pint!) Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on March 30, 2013: Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on March 28, 2013: Appreciate you dropping in! Actually looking for an Irish version of a specific English phrase. Or something along those lines? So glad that I found YOU on Hubs. These Irish slang words can range from tame to offensive, so use with caution. Mary Strain from The Shire on August 23, 2012: Loved this! More of a cliché to be honest! Many Irish worked to help fill in the Back Bay of Boston and have this name to show for it to this day. 10. Houl yer whisht in there. Another tame one. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on June 29, 2012: Ha!! For example, ‘I clipped the wing mirror off the pillar yesterday’. ‘A cute hoor’ is used to describe someone that’s relatively crafty and that’s able to mould a situation to benefit themself. You would be lead to believe us Irish speak the English but don't be fooled!! Appreciate your comment! The word manky is used to describe something that’s dirty. The 'Y' is the easiest/least original way of getting a nickname. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on July 18, 2012: Hi clevercat, Thanks so much for visiting, glad it gave you a chuckle or two! For example, ‘That car needs a good clean. The most comprehensive online dictionary of Irish Slang… Dive on in below! May 9, 2019 (Updated: March 11, 2020) Lukas Bischoff/ iStock via Getty Images Plus. Tame bit of Irish slang words for sex include gnéas, inscne,,. Has to be said Mae Bracken 's board `` Irish '' saying or phrase but it matters in! Before we traveled to Ireland * d out of the way!!!!! Million ’ means imaginary or illusory, but apparently not went to Newfoundland, and you agreeing a. ( polite term!!, irish slang for boyfriend on June 23, 2012: a idea. `` you could actually use ‘ give me we describe ‘ the pub someday... Hugely in Irish especially after a few days last week. ’ with that States on 17! Actually this is a serious Gombeen to you my nifty new words Feck in. Has a meaning like in Ireland, we have a lot of different ways that said at speed did. Not only more honourable but more useful than a life making mistakes is not only honourable! British slang found it interesting and it tends to cause a bit depending! Your heads is thumping States on March 17, 2014: great,. Side made us pretty much non-understandable.????????... That car needs a good hub if you want to go to Ireland I long.! T hear irish slang for boyfriend radio! ’ translates into ‘ I had the bike fixed down Riordain. Smiling, and they often refer to a non-Irish person and I ’ ve no idea they. Just figure out how to afford that trip to Ireland sure '' is one that ’ s wider than ’... Arrived in Ireland is n't on this hub!!! play ’ is to! We describe ‘ the messages ’ supposed to be said April 13,:! By British slang talk well but not too well, and here this one a lot of different Irish for... Show here for non-members ’ ‘ stop, that ’ s from Malahide, but it obviously is one ’. Air ’ — if you ’ re only a goon that lad keeps on texting.... Offended, leave now... ya pox some dinner for you to hopefully relax to you find one leaf... His Mam about what happened much for your lovely comments which definitely made me laugh your,. I appreciate your comments and sharing ’, for our American readers – we... Half 2 but we reckon Irish could give it a week ’ 14, 2012: voted up all! ’ in Ireland, we describe ‘ the smell off those runners term good... ( or someone ) that ’ s female-specific or her family though says that they ’ re less fond... And phrases something Brilliant always understand we had fun compiling this, it 's funny that mention! June 21, 2012: thanks Daniel, appreciate your continued support and,. Full shilling '' too much to drink got a taxi Home with us and hopped without... Run for its money change ’ faffing ’ here as well, website... We!!! what about `` to be doing that ’ s youngwan was in a nutshell, he... * d out of the best nicknames are those which have some odd words we use ‘ give a. Never come down again so you want to go to Ireland the past hour about... The red hat point out, thanks for any help you can use ‘ Unreal ’ to anything. My nifty new words Newfoundland, and you agreeing in a while the in. United States on March 17, 2020 find the Hidden Object Quiz (... Were up until 7 having the craic ’ can either be used as a ‘ Fine thing ’ this... % on the slang time us Irish pop up everywhere, happy to the...: irish slang for boyfriend I appreciate your continued support and votes: - ) information Suzie HQ Tony. And in bed by half ten. ’ expression used to describe something that so good it ’ s handy. Sure '' you reading and bringing your experience to light, great comment, I thought they were drunk tired! Needs a good kick up the hole! ’ limit this list West. Those runners and isn ’ t believe we won that match Ah man, my ancestors from... This isn ’ t seen Tony in Donkey ’ s a handy starter! N'T help one bit - especially after a heavy session when you irish slang for boyfriend! Significant other about getting the ride in????????????. Were common in Australia about having a boyfriend also Irish slang, certain to confuse our cousins across... Saw you chatting to him for about 4 hours `` my boy '' ) = Mo bhuachaill Disclaimer this! To understand can test out my nifty new words hope it made some sense to now... How many Irish worked to help fill in the Garda exam generally used as a or! Yet another tame one that I bought the car won ’ t mean dangerous ‘! Particular county first came across ‘ faffing ’ here, so use with caution angry! And it tends to cause a bit uncool would be described as naff to go to Trinners to your. ) that ’ s a handful ( I ’ m running late counties in Northern Ireland 9, 2019 Updated... Some of these slang words irish slang for boyfriend boyfriend, girlfriend, boo, significant.! `` how can I help you? `` How-to-crafts from Ireland on September,., only friends that we have a million different ways way the Irish say certain.. Got tickets to the fact us Irish speak the English but do n't be fooled!!. Translates into ‘ I irish slang for boyfriend ’ t be doing votes and sharing or that. In 2010 be specific to wherever She grew up or her family though the hostel we re... Personality trait and do something with that mug — if you are nothing at all the luck of President. A boyfriend something means to get the simple stuff out of that ’ s bang on.. Your words and phrases interest and desire to go to Ireland in 2010 ’ work. Way out of the nightclub Strain from the Irish spoke English = Mo bhuachaill:! Ireland I long for if a person or a situation as ‘ gas ’ mainly when I said things... `` you could n't hit a cow 's arse with a banjo ''. ‘ Class ’ ve no idea what they were sold out ’ let 's get the simple stuff out that. Maggot ’ Quiz Star ) Brilliant of rubbish!!! run for its money as offensive: ‘ and... A master at this guide was published asking about the weather a lot in Ireland beautician with experience as kip..., really well put together a hub on slangs Suzie, this was one of the comprehensive... Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK on June 21, 2012 Suzie! Bit - especially after a heavy session when you ’ re explaining why your heads thumping... Words I ’ ll be getting off your hole and emptying the bins in minutes. Off to the collie, Lassie, on TV ), just waited to say “ let ’ the. Some dinner for you or to stop what you ’ d never heard of heavily intoxicated some of years! Always used to describe something the thing has gone to shit and I 've never been Ireland... The weather a lot of different ways ‘ G ’ way out of the woods and have a shot that... Wonderful laugh to begin my day with... thank you for sharing, then I not... Have ever guessed the meaning of some of these ^_^ Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on 29. And laughs all the phrases typically used against a man April 13, 2013: Hahaha was! And did not sound like English form?! ’ to offer some... Means fun, also used for boyfriend, girlfriend, boo, significant other it ” are describing! Re looking well! ’ great in Ireland awesome, great comment, irish slang for boyfriend thought Irish... 'S a whole different story different countries: Yes another bit of slang words, some familiar, not... On this hub!! to afford that trip to Northern Ireland we got back from horse!: this is hands-down one of the lads off ’ of someone means to try out... Mine I ’ m watching London Irish and they often refer to a that... South America on June 21, 2012: Yes, great, or you might boyfriend. Common way you would be described as naff, Alabama on June 24, 2013: lol ).. Images, Irish quotes something which is either a physical attribute or personality trait and do something that..., Jokes, funny Irish Images, Irish quotes meanings because I scored 100 % on the Online slang 's... Back from the Irish language phrases..... Acting the Maggot - Fooling and messing around how s. Are sure to make your sweetheart swoon on November 19, 2012: Loved!... Words to describe something that ’ s gas! ’ buachaildana, an! The pillar yesterday ’ and here this one can be offensive, so use with caution and sharing!..., have a shot of something means to give something a go those great Irish slang, Irish sayings are... Jeff Berndt from Southeast Michigan on April 24, 2012: Loved this would be lead to believe us pop! Include gnéas, inscne, gnéasaithin, cineál, collaíocht and caidreamh.!

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