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Shall I change to transmission on another frequency? U (or Uniform) freq: Usually refers to a UHF frequency (225-399.975 Mhz) in a radio of a fighter; see also V Freq. CL is sent after the final 1. has a purpose and it’s not to hide anything from the outside world. Military and Army Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service ACAP Army Career and Alumni Program ... AFRTS Armed Forces Radio and Television Network AFTB Army Family Team Building AG Adjutant General AGR Active Guard Reserve I have … telegrams (messages) for you (or for …). A glossary of definitions for Canadian military acronyms and abbreviations. Some terms will link to external Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of …)? Radio codes are extremely important when there is an emergency and time is of the essence. may have a limited time to work a particular station. Send or reply on this frequency (or on … kHz (or MHz)). JETDS was adopted 16 February 1943 by the Joint Communications Board for all new Army and Navy airborne, radio, and radar equipment. Click below on the first letter in the term you wish to have defined, and you will go to the start of the terms beginning with that letter. How many telegrams (messages) have you to send? It will no question squander the time. But Ohm – The fundamental unit of resistance offered when a potential of one Volt results in a current of one AmpereOM – friendship term, friend, pal or buddyopen repeater – (Repeater Term) a repeater whose access is not limitedOSCAR – Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radiooscillate – vibrate, generate an AC or other periodic signaloscilloscope – an electronic test instrument used to observe wave forms and voltages on a cathode-ray tube. Browse the list of 16k Radio abbreviations with their meanings and definitions. Manpack; Is described by a radio carried in the field by one or more persons, but must be set up for operation, and is not normally operable while being carried. telegram(s) (message(s)) numbers(s) …). Feel free to post any links to abbreviations etc. Your abbreviation search returned 125 meanings. ARC - Amateur Radio Club. Can you speak in … (language), – with interpreter if sometimes seem like radio operators are speaking another language. Shall I standby / When will you call me again? This results from the need for expedient and clear communication. When it comes to using something like Morse Code (CW), some of us enjoy it, but from an emergency communications perspective, it’s an extremely efficient way to pass information without a lot of power or gear. The following links, while not all-inclusive will help get you started learning MilAir terminology: All 20 sectors can be viewed as links from the ARTCC article, Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility Virginia Capes, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), Potomac Consolidated Terminal Radar Approach Control, Army Doctrine Reference Publication 1-02 (ADRP 1-02) - Terms and Military Symbols (February 2015), Multiservice Brevity Codes (February 2002), - Airport and/or Navaid Search, mobile station)? The military and government are famous for using - or overusing - abbreviations and acronyms for designating equipment, programs, and agencies. V (or Victor) freq: Usually refers to a VHF frequency (118-150 Mhz) in a radio of a fighter; see also U Freq WAC – Worked All Continents award from the IARU, administered by ARRLwallpaper – QSL cards, awards, special event certificatesWARC – World Administrative Radio ConferenceWARC Bands – An expression to indicate the bands allocated in 1979 — 17M, 12M and 30MWAS – Worked All States award from ARRLWAZ – Worked All Zones award from CQ magazine for confirmed contact with each of 40 zonesWEFAX – Weather facsimile, reconstructed satellite images and photographswireless – radio (As opposed to wired – telegraph)WIRES – (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) is an Internet communication system which expands the range of amateur radio communication. Former Call of Hiram Percy Maxim, ARRL founder. End of contact. The military and government are famous for using - or overusing - abbreviations and acronyms for designating equipment, programs, and agencies. For new Hams or people who monitor radio frequencies, it can ... unpronounceable words or abbreviations. It indicates that a station is going off the air, [from other stations], Shall I cease or suspend operation?/ shutoff the radio, I am suspending operation.

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