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Buy a star online and collect personalised and official certificates, star maps, photo book and Celestia software by placing an order. Buy a Star with Canada's #1 Star Registry! We can tell you none of the "legitimate" sites we talk about here claim to be an official star naming registry. Your own beautifully printed and personalized Star Certificate. Register a Star with Star-Name-Registry, Australia's most chosen Star Registry. They are all scams. The Scales Represent Equality, Harmony, Balance, Justice and equilibrium, often considered the most balanced of the star signs people born within the Libra Star sign are said to be driven individuals set on peace and harmony. Our star registration is as real as if you pay. NCC-1701-F) and not the registry name. Simply choose your constellation and the new star name and from that day on the star will be forever recognised by the Universal Star Registry as the new registered star name. Current date range is from November, 2003 to January, 2021. One of the largest online registers of commercial star names Some have even been prosecuted, fined and served prison time- but the fraud lives on. All player ships in Star Trek Online can have a registry name prefix and some can have a registry number prefix. Name a star now and within minutes: or "can you really name star?" The official site for Star Wars, featuring the latest on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian, as well as Star Wars series, video games, books, and more. International Star Registry - Official Site Name a Star - (800)282-3333 - International Star Registry ® Pick star name of your choice. International Star Registry also openly recognise this on their website. Starting in 1979, International Star Registry made the heavens available to anyone wishing to name a star that had only been numbered in previous star catalogs. Thus, our service is getting stronger every year, mostly because a broad community of stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts supports … Do you agree with Star Name Registry USA's TrustScore? Libra was once part of the constellation Leo considering the scales to be an upside down set of claws. Good point to think about. The International Star Registry (ISR) offers one of the most exciting gift opportunities in the world. The Online Star Register allows you to register your own shining star in the sky as a unique, everlasting gift for your friends and loved ones. Staracle is the most popular free registry. Check out what 4,997 people have written so far, and share your own experience. This will help preserve astronomical heritage while providing new unique names for the international astronomical community. Stars will never be named twice in our star register meaning your star … A ships' registry is its unique number (e.g. The IAU has nothing to do with NASA, and in fact NASA doesn't have anything to do with star names and never has. As you can see from any Google search, the only "official" star registry is published by the International Astronomical Union, or IAU. Our easy to use web form allows you to choose any star, any constellation and have it at your door step in just 2 days! A digital copy of your Star Certificate, as soon as you name your star. Star catalog is an official entity that records stars and has an international database. It is always a bit of a struggle to find the perfect gift, but this one is a game-changer. The "Official Star Registry," as well as any other websites, corporations or entities claiming to have any authority whatsoever to name a star are unequivocal frauds. Register a Star with Star-Name-Registry the UK’s no.1 online Star Registry. Naming a star is a gesture of love, of respect, of commemoration. What does a star gift include? If you buy a star it gets recorded in the registry and, thus, can be retrieved at any time by using their unique iOS and Android App. It is always lovely to receive meaningful gifts. The star names are indexed alphabetically in our star catalog with their telescopic coordinates and are permanently recorded in our published, copyrighted listing of named stars. Name a star now. The star name certificates are for entertainment purposes only, and International Star Registry is not a recognized authority to name and designate stars. The “official” star registry that is by the IAU has rights to name a star. Registry name prefix is what precede the ship's name (e.g. A DCA investigation found that while the company's advertisement implies that its star-naming registry is "official," their salespeople admitted that "NASA and astronomers are always going to continue to use a series of telescopic coordinate numbers" when questioned by DCA undercover inspectors. Second-day and overnight delivery options are also available for an additional fee. The IAU uses a catalog and astronomers refer the star names with numbers and not names based on their coordinates. Star Registry Listings and App. Receive a unique star package. Download your star naming certificate free of charge, or get a museum quality print shipped directly to your place. By naming a star, you are concretely expressing your feelings, and you do so for all eternity: stars keep their names forever. Stars will never be named twice in our Star Name Register which means your star is unique to you. Enterprise). Order now. Professional astronomers identify stars by their catalog numbers, most of them based on the star's position in the sky. Today, there is a total of 32 Star Registry coupons and discount deals. Name a star in the Official International Star Registry! The star that we will name for you will be as unique as the person for whom you are naming it. , Then how come the names like Regulus and Sirius got those names? If your star date is not within this date range, please contact Customer Service at 800-282-3333 and we will enter it for you. The website is owned and operated by International Star Registry (ABN 59830055992). International Star Registry issues you a plaque that makes the star officially yours. On of the most common questions in star naming is around the lines of "Is naming a star a scam?" There is no official star registry. ISR recognised the desire for assigning names of loved ones to the stars and started archiving star names in 1979. International Star Registry Return Policy Thee are just too many stars for them all to have names, so catalog numbers based on positions work best. You can quickly filter today's Star Registry promo codes in order to find exclusive or verified offers. Do you agree with Star Name Registry USA’s star rating? Welcome to Star-Name-Registry, Canada's favorite Star-Registry site. In 1998 the International Star Registry was issued a violation by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs for deceptive advertising for claiming "official" naming rights. Personalize your star by choosing a constellation, star name, and star date. Simply enter your Registry number, set your point of view and you will know where you have to look at right now and in the future! The integrity and uniqueness of the star name assignments have been maintained ever since. An elegant Star Map including the location of the star you have registered. Fast Processing Due to our many years of experience and good connections at the Star-naming Registry, we can name your star and ship your documents within 2-3 hours. You can use our unique Software so you always know where your star is at any given time and location. International Star Registry promo codes let you register lower prices on star naming services, including: Custom star naming for any occasion or purpose; Your choice of any unclaimed star in the night sky “Star Kits” to help you choose the right star All Buy A Shining Stars are recorded in the Official Name A Star Registry. The most trending gift right now is to buy a real star in the sky and, yes, you can buy your own star. Please note that only customers from registered partners are able to use this Software. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver excellent service, perfection and care with your order. When purchasing a package your dedicated star will appear on the star name registry and visible on our new mobile apps for iPhone and Android within 24 hours. The prefix, e.g. International Star Registry Free Shipping Policy. Official registration in the Cosmonova’s Star Database - a timeless honor. Naming a star is now easy, just choose a name for your star and get it registered in the Global Star Registry. Buy A Shining Star offers name a star packages with exquisite gold foil embossed folders. Items delivered within the continental U.S. ship for a flat rate and typically take 8-12 business days to arrive. NCC-1701-F). However, it is much more satisfying to be the one who gives these fantastic gifts and be able to afford to live after this gesture. When you purchase a package your dedicated star will be entered into the star name registry and our brand new App for iPhone and Android within 12 hours. Is Star Naming a Scam? Registering a personalized star is a great way to commemorate a special occasion or event! When you name a star for someone with International Star Registry, your star name will join hundreds of celebrities, dignitaries, and even royalty worldwide, plus over 2 million honored individuals worldwide. U.S.S. Access Software Formally the letter is part of the registry number (e.g. Our company is regularly audited for reliability and quality.

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