imaginary meaning in urdu

1. It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.. Food additive and preservative. theoretical meaning in Urdu (Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US: 1) theoretical. ines What does imaginary unit mean? 1. How to use dystopia in a sentence. Urdu meaning of word Sanction. v.intr. 2. Definition of imaginary unit in the dictionary. Sanction Synonyms. Urdu translation of Sanction. Information and translations of imaginary unit in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. An imaginary creature usually having various human and animal parts. Dictionary English/Arabic Dictionary English/Urdu Free Dictionary for Mobile Phones . Imagine definition, to form a mental image of (something not actually present to the senses). To think or suppose; conjecture: I imagine you're right. See more. Sanction meaning in Urdu. Concerned with theories rather than their practical application. Nitrite is an easy way to give a pink shade to processed meats. Islamic Names - Humera - The imaginary bird who soars the highest - Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for Girls. Imaginary definition is - existing only in imagination : lacking factual reality. Urdu meanings, examples and pronunciation of theoretical. Find meanings of Urdu words especially used in sher o shayari. Synonym Discussion of imaginary. How to use imaginary in a sentence. Meaning of imaginary unit. The show is co-produced by Imaginate and Stellar Quines, and is at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, at 1.30pm on Today. Nitrite reacts with the meat myoglobin to cause color changes, first converting to nitrosomyoglobin (bright red), … English to Urdu Dictionary gives you the best and accurate Urdu meanings of Sanction 3. Sanction meaning in other languages. Please type the word in search box to get its meaning. Sanction Urdu meaning along with definition. Imaginary definition, existing only in the imagination or fancy; not real; fancied: an imaginary illness; the imaginary animals in the stories of Dr. Seuss. See more. Urdu Dictionary. ... imaginary, speculative, conjectural; Word of the day Noun. Sanction nearby words. Sodium nitrite is an efficient drug in case of cyanide poisoning.It is used together with sodium thiosulfate. To have a notion of or about without adequate foundation; fancy or believe: She imagines herself to be a true artist. Dystopia definition is - an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives. To form a mental picture or image of: imagined a better life abroad. See the meaning of the word gul at Rekhta urdu dictionary. Urdu meanings, examples and pronunciation of monster. monster meaning in Urdu (Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US: 1) monster. Adjective. Sanction in Urdu.

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