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Gold Experience Requiem will heal the struck players for 23 damage, 7 times. Most arrows are able to be used to trade and have different values. A recent update to the game changed its name to. H- Summon Tree Gold Experience will punch the ground, giving birth to a life that raises you up and knocks back nearby people. [But when the King Crimson part happens, Gold Experience Requiem appears and returns the action to zero.] This ability negates various things such as Time Stops or Time Erasure, being able to avoid any combo potential. 2 List of stands obtainable in-game 3 Stand Gallery 4 How do I get rid of my Stand? [4], Gold Experience Requiem's first glimpse when struck by, Gold Experience Requiem's closeup of face alongside its user, Gold Experience Requiem's ability taking effect, Gold Experience Requiem performing a barrage attack on, Gold Experience Requiem's punch flings Diavolo into the air. Localized Name | Joke Battles Wikia | Fandom. The damage boosts inc… [4], GER reverting blood to Diavolo (alongside everything else). Physical Description All swords are Legendary rarity except possibly the Zamus Sword. The stand had to be created by stabbing it's weaker version Gold Experience with an arrow., One of the mysteries about this stand is that if it could transform back to it's original form, when it dropped the arrow. Gold Experience + Requiem Arrow Gold Experience Requiem (also known as GER) is a decently strong stand. When in awakening mode, Golden Experience requiems power and speed far exceed the power of almost every stand in the game,this makes him a force to be reckoned with even when facing multiple people. You can use nullification zero right before they do their barrage finisher or whatever. This article is about the evolved state. Joke Battles Wiki. as Gold Experience stabs himself with the Requiem Arrow while a fog is covering Giorno.Gold Experience dissolves and Giorno floats up and poses with the new Gold Experience Requiem and lands down. means that the value is currently unknown. Life Beam Of Creation: 1 point, Life Distribution, Return to Zero, Infinite Death. If an arrow's value is n/a that means it does not work in the trade menu and cannot have a value because of this.? It wears the requiem arrow in its forehead with a purple covering on it, has a purple heart on it's chest, purple knee-pads, orange colored stripes all over its body, and green marks on its arms and legs. Its eyes have a unique design among Stands, with the 'eyeballs' embedded in cross-like structure within slanted sockets. It is a humanoid Stand resembling an evolved Gold Experience and has the ability to turn everything back to "zero". Gold Experience Requiem is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Giorno's. Add new page. Gold Experience(Prior form)The Gold ExperienceW (PrinceW album)RequiemW[1] (MozartW composition) The user of this power can take any event that has happened and revert it back to the state that it was previously in, as if the event never happened, thus effectively undoing any changes that occurred in said event. Your Bizarre Adventure Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Stand; Requiem; When fighting D4C, only reveal your stand when nessesary, as it will give you an instant advantage. GER is considered also to be one of the best stands in YBA at the moment. Please, read our Community Guidelines before you edit.. Stats? How to get it: 1: Get Golden Experience (Be aware, GE is very, very hard to get) 2: Get a Requiem Arrow and use it. When they use Dimensional Exchange, If you have Tusk 3 / Gold Experience, Use H to turn into Act 4 or your Requiem form, as you can see jewhile they're in there. Obtained by using Alternate Diary on Gold Experience Reqiuem Moves: E: Barrage, like any other except does 6.25 dmg instead of 5 dmg R: Heavy Punch, does 45 dmg, 10s cooldown T: Scorpion, does 30 dmg, 17sec cooldown Y: Heal Punch, heals allies, 20s cooldown F: Requiem special attack, return to zero reverts all action has 100s cooldown., R-Z-E-X (Finisher + Summon Life Form + Stand Barrage + Beam of Life Creation), J-R-Z-E-X (R.T.Z + Finisher + Summon Life Form + Stand Barrage + Beam of Life Creation), R-X-Z-J-E (Finisher + Beam of Life Creation + Summon Life Form + R.T.Z + Stand Barrage), Z-R-X-J-E-R-X (Summon Life Form + Finisher + Beam of Life Creation + R.T.Z + Stand Barrage + Finisher + Beam of Life Creation), R-X-J-Z (move away until R recharges)-R-E-X (Finisher + Beam of Life Creation + R.T.Z + Summon Life Form), Z-X-E-R (Summon Life Form + Beam of Life Creation + Stand Barrage + Finisher), V + B + X + Z + E (Steel Ball + Multiple Steel Balls + Beam Of Life Of Creation + Summon Life Form) Must Need Spin For This to Work. KCR? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gold Experience Requiem(commonly abbreviated toGER),is a stand inProject JoJo. robux vbux bobux yes. Stand Arrows are the primary way to obtain stands in the game. Gold Experience Requiem is aware of the fact that not even Giorno knows the true extent of its ability, and confidently states that no other Stand can ever oppose it. This is a mode that's most prominent feature is a boost to your stands power, this mode also allows for the people you kill to be put in the infinite death cut scene. Anime 2 Gold Experience Requiem. Recently Changed Pages . Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It's speed in awakening is equal to Sticky Fingers zipper glide. Gold Experience Requiem. GER during its version of Giorno's solo DHA. GER performs a fast and strong barrage. Gold Experience Requiem (ゴールド・エクスペリエンス・レクイエム, Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu) is the Requiem Stand of Giorno Giovanna, featured in Vento Aureo. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Gold Experience Requiem (often shortened to GER) is an upgraded form of Gold Experience when Giorno Giovanna used a Requiem Arrow on Gold Experience, therefore giving him Gold Experience Requiem. !" Il est le résultat de l'introduction de la Flèche dans le torse de Gold Experience . Requiem StandClose Range StandRange Irrelevant Stand It's main ability to itself, however, is the "Return to Zero" ability. Indeed Jotaro, what you have called an "Evil Spirit" is but a powerful vision created by your own life energy! GER is considered to be one of the strongest canon stands within Jojo (As contenders for strongest stand in the series are from non-canon sources such as novels or games). Gold Experience Requiem (ゴールド・エクスペリエンス・レクイエム, Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu) is the Requiem Stand of Giorno Giovanna, featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo. Try to use more life form creating, to get you advantage on the opponent being stunned, and start your combos in order to kill the opponent. Gold Experience Requiem speaks to Diavolo in the erased time normally occupied only by him and his Stand King Crimson, explaining that it is able to operate independently of Giorno's consciousness.[3]. Sus ojos tienen un diseño único entre los Stands, con sus globos oculares incrustados en una estructura en forma de cruz dentro de los zócal… Due to the abilities of life creation and tree creation, this stand is pretty good for long-ranged attacks. Japanese Name Developmental Potential Distribute Life: 2 Points. GER performs a fast and strong barrage. Gender Range Sub-power of Absolute Restoration, Event Manipulation, Nonexistence, Reality Warping, and Space-Time Manipulation. Precision Summon Tree: 1 point ∅ (Null) In a way, Jojo's version of Requiem represents the incomplete potential of Chariot Requiem, the first canon Requiem stand. Variation of Combat Merging and Universal Force Combat. epicsuper changed description of Toxic Experience Requiem. ∅ (Null) 5 Common Stand Controls In the anime, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, stands are meant to be resembled as the manifestation of your fighting spirit and your willpower. What's makes it more terrifying is that GER has a mind of it's own and it's passive, hence being the most powerful stand in the canonity of JoJo. Chapter 586 - Gold Experience Requiem, Part 1

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